Music of Creativity

Music of Creativity

I've been asked why I don't use silicone molds to pour cold process soap. This question is curious to me. 

I make all embeds by hand, using tools at times, but mostly molding by hand. I sometimes cannot duplicate, often times I can, but not exactly the identical as the first - often times better. This is why sculptors use molds as well. Sculptors carve the original in clay and mold, through a process, into bronze or the desired metal. Some use a lost wax casting method, where the original is lost, but a silicone mold is made before the loss in order to duplicate.

I do not. Music of Creativity

I trust in my boundless creativity. I also know that once my fingers and mind have found the path they will, both, remember forever that path. Because I discovered it, I was not taught.  It was not someone else's path, but uniquely mine.

When one discovers a path, in the woods or in the creative ethers, it is etched onto that person. This might not be true for all, but it most certainly is for me. It has been that way in all my endeavors. How does one put that on a resume? And, it is a most valuable resource.

When I had my construction company I mentally tracked all goings on and as a way of teaching my replacement, I wrote things down, had systems in place and written handbooks. It still took months to teach someone all that I stored in my mind and being. There was a rhythm, a music in my office that showed me my way every day because the events, the actions that were necessary to keep that business moving forward changed daily, therefore I had to adjust and still not lose the melody. That was the nature of the original question presented, how do I show someone that music? How do I teach someone to feel their own music and apply it to given circumstances?

It seems I'm doing something similar with Sorcery Soap. There is a music in this creative world, one that the seasons or the weather tells me as much as the 4-6 weeks curing time tells me. Once soap is cured, that dictates the next series of events: taking of photos, labeling, wrapping soap, writing ad copy, making it available,... Eventually shipping. This is the most simple example.

When To Order Soap Supplies?

When I weight things out to make soap it seems I have run completely out of my an ingredient I use most... Shea Butter. When I order by "feel" I have yet to run out. I notice something is running low and just know to order more. Curious. 

A more pragmatic approach is to divide each ingredient into soap recipe weights. This gives me a rough idea of how much to order and how many pounds of soap that will result. 

Like any good musician who knows their music without seeing the page an artist who knows when to create, what to do next and how to execute that action, soap making has its own music.

There is a time to go for a hike and a time for a run, a time to sit quietly and muse and a time for much activity. These daily events are as important as molding embeds. 

This is the music of my day.



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Elisabete, yes! All day yes! Recreate your clay dolls, I’d love to see those. :D

Bhakti Iyata

And that is exactly the way I feel when I’m making soap, let it go with flow. You inspire me so much, I used to do alot of clay dolls a few years ago, I feel tempted to recreate them in soap dough.


I absolutely enjoy ur writing. Reading ur words, to me, feels like watching a painter paint. I love how even though u elaborate, ur message is clear and simple. U inspire me and help calm my Sagittarius fire to give me direction and focus!💙

Michelle Cole

Sharon, your comments seem to suit the very thing I need, too.

Soap Witch

Very beautifully lyrical in nature. Your words always inspire me. As an added bonus (for me) you may have helped to unlock a key I very much need. Thank you.

Sharon Chapman

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