Good Witch, Bad Witch, Soap Witch

Good Witch, Bad Witch, Soap Witch

Dear Soap Witch, Soap Sister,


“If you are protected from dark things then you have no protection of, knowledge of, or understanding of dark things when they show up.”
Neil Gaiman


When ugliness comes your way, just know it’s your turn. It goes in cycles, just like any attention -  good attention, bad attention, soap attention.


Did you know there are people in this world who get up in the morning and ask. “What can I steal today?” It’s true, they have a dark power. These are the takers-gremlins. They take what they want without consciousness. How does one lose their consciousness? Does it fall off?

 Sorcery Soap Broom

I know you protect yours. Me too. 


I wanted to cheer you on to keep creating, keep drawing down ideas from ethers. The world needs your version. Even so, when your creations are taken without a care it still stings.


If being copied is so flattering why does it sting? Is it like a slap and tickle? I don’t see the tickle worth the slap. 


Coping unique creations, your creations, is because, well… Muggles. Need I say more, dear sister?  It’s all baffling to me, how can someone take credit for another’s creations? Isn’t that like someone going into your house and stealing something from you? You didn’t invite them, you didn’t offer and still… When those others say, “don’t share your work if you don’t want copied”. That’s like saying, don’t publish a book if you don’t want to be plagiarized. Ridiculousness! The worst is they took credit for your work! They didn’t just take your idea, but said it was theirs to begin with!


Yes, there are idea thieves and dream eaters. They suck. Takers suck like vampires, or so I’m told. It’s true, these monsters exist. We must avoid them at all costs. It is truly difficult when they have their own version of magic and can cloak themselves to look like us, behave similarly, and speak similarly. There are clues. They can be detected. Their glamour will fall away, eventually.


These idea thieves and dream eaters do not understand the ethers, nor do they understand our version of magic - creativity.  Creativity is a powerful magic. If they found their own, they would have no reason to steal yours.


I have seen you ponder an idea for weeks before it comes to light, often times, clues coming from your dreams. Or so you tell me. I suspect  you have a witch, long passed, who whispers in your ear. It is work to listen.


It is ideal to know the dark forces for what they are because if a muggle strives for magic, but fails and therefore copies your magic it does not mean they know. They know nothing of our type of magic. 

How horrible would that be to be void of one’s creativity, one’s magic?

Your version of magic is necessary in this world. Granted, it is not circle magic, or herbal magic (not entirely) or even high level initiate magic. AND, your version of magic makes children quiet and inquisitive - muggle and witch alike. It puts such a spell on adults they cease speaking and become curious. To make an adult muggle curious is, in my opinion, high magic.  Your magic is powerful! Manifest through soap.

 So, dear sister, do not despair. Okay, despair a little, but don’t stop. Grab your broom, dust yourself off and get back to it. 

If you continue to create, at the pace you are now, in a year or five, you will have such  body of worked magic in the world… And always, alway write your soap spells down!


P.S. If you see a raven circling call her to you. I have sent you gift.

All my love in this one moment, B

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So, here am I right now creating a soap that you challenged us soapmakers to create, with a feeling of love and support. A clue…. there are worlds on it 🤗


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