Inspiration Comes On the Heels of Discipline

Inspiration Comes On the Heels of Discipline

I receive many comments and messages asking how I continue to come up with new ideas. 

I start by making my bed every day. Regardless if I feel like it or not. I work Make my bedeveryday, regardless if I feel like it or not. The only days I allow myself to NOT work are the days when the world says we should rest - on holidays. Even then, I like to work. I like to show up, to put my efforts to use. 

I stay busy. By bringing myself to the work, the ideas arrive. I meet them halfway. 

I seek out new ideas. I explore music I didn't know I liked, Norse Chanting, Lithuanian singing, things I still don't understand, but speaks to a deeper part of my being. I look at images and ideas others manifest, not just in soap, fondant or clay, but in all forms of art. I strive to find harmony, spark curiosity and interest - for myself. 

I ensure I am out of doors for a portion of the day. I do not take electronics with me. I make it to and from the mountain without connection, without harm. I once drove across America with only a few dollars and, other than a payphone, I had no way of connecting to others from back home. I survived perfectly. Kitchen and Cat

I am self-reliant. I force myself to answer my own questions. I do my own research and ask MYSELF the question and then find the answer. Many of my questions do not have direct answer, so I must formulate an answer based on logic, predecessor  information and then find a path that works to move forward. It may not be the full answer, but it is enough to keep moving in a direction. 

I think. Every day, all day, I engage my mind. I don't strive to shut it off. I do the opposite. I strive to be more engaged, more conscious. I no longer forget the fragrance oil in my soaps. I mentally walk myself through each step, until it becomes precise. I become precise. 

The mind is the doorway to the world of the unseen, where ideas are born before manifestation. I am the cause of the manifestation into our world. All ideas must have a doorway into our world. Without moving through the door, they are ether, without context of matter.  Night Sky

I wonder how some people have time to do nefarious deeds. With all these things I find important, when would one have time to commit a crime, do drugs, be horrible to others for no reason... But we become what we focus on. We ebody what we hold as a priority. 

Now you know some of what I do to continue to create, to strive to manifest new ideas. I work. 





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I received the two books I ordered and love them. Thanks for all you share. I was surprised we live pretty close, you are around two to three hours from me. I got interested in soap late but I had a Grandmother who make soap on a huge pot outside. What other soapers have shared has helped me to be able to enjoy the process. My health won’t allow me to have much time with it but I will enjoy it as long as I have. Again thanks. I love your work.

Janet Diane Price

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