Macabre Soap Inspiration

Macabre Soap Inspiration

If you like all things slightly dark, but still sprinkled with fairy dust this might help you. 

I thought I'd share a few things that inspire me, but before we begin, there are  words you should have in your lexicon.

To name things is to conjure images. On the mundane, at least know what to google.

A few words and terms: Fairy Bones and Wings Soap

  • Sorcery
  • Macabre
  • Sinister
  • Goolish
  • All Souls
  • Thinning of the Veil
  • Night Spirits Go Walking 
  • Witchery
  • Fairy
  • Sprites

Lately, I didn't have to search far, as Christine McConnell and Her Curious Creations is newly on Netflix. Christine is a Dita Von Tease sister-like baker with her own macabre food show on Netflix. She could be the woman next door in her printed flounce dress, delicate apron and edible brown recluse spiders, yet once I got past the corny puppets, I learned a few tricks. The tricks I learned I transformed into soapy creations. Sorcery Soap Spiders

If I dressed up I might dress like Christine, but with a bit more velvet and elaborate corsetry, along with a pointy hat. This costume would also include black lace up boots, of course. 

christine mcconnell

Christine McConnell

If you'd like to peruse drawings and tales of fairies, from a less-than Mary Poppins take, do a deep dive into Brain Froud's take on fairy. 

Brain Froud's version of Fairies has inspired me beyond traditional fairies. I've even written to him. I can only hope in some realm he understands how much he's inspired me.

Push the boat out!  Bone Cat Sorcery Soap

Create those things that YOU want. Allow your imagination to explore. If you choose to use someone else's creation for inspiration, change something. Offer your take on the concept.

Copying someone else's creation is not doing the creation or the creator of that idea justice. It's no small thing to reach into the ethers and pull an idea into this realm. It takes effort to manifest an idea into this material world and then offer it to the world.  And, this very thought keeps me in check, if a witch can pull down imaginary things and make them real, touchable, what else can they do WHEN they find out I took her idea and called it my own? Because if she can see into another realm she certainly can see social media. ;) 

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Your work, and the work of those you suggest, always Delight and Inspire. Thank you!


I don’t feel like I am creative but I get inspired by all that I see. I often use others ideas and techniques first, then I tweak it with my own spice. How can I tap into the creative wellspring and create my own things?


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