Social Media Has Lost All Manners

Social Media Has Lost All Manners

I share Sorcery Soaps on social media because it delights me.

I want to share that joy. It is not an invitation for disparagement, sideways comments of disguised jealousy or outright hatred. No one asked. I don't want to know what you think. I want to know if this causes joy. 

We live in a world where the negative, direness and redundancy of our life situation is in our feed, daily. Striving to find joy, manifest creativity (not just talk about it) and bring delight to others should not be disparaged. 

I share where I find joy, what delights me. If it delights you, brings a smile to your face, mores the better for us and the world.

If you hate it, keep it to yourself.

Social media has lost all manners. Would you say what you just typed in person, to me? If not refrain. 

My goal is to share and inspire. Why? Because that too delights me. If you find inspiration in what I'm doing with soap and are filled with that creative spirit, go! Go create! I'm thrilled. I love hearing that someone found inspiration in my creations, found a new way to approach their soap craft or lost time in play. That is true magic. 

I share because I haven't seen someone do what I do with soap dough... yet. If this is possible with soap, what else is possible?

I share because this is a new art form. I share because it's stupid-fun and exciting. Not to expose myself to snarky comments and out-right thieves. Idea thieves. Someone who as stolen an idea and claimed it as their own. Not once recognizing all the work that went into executing the original idea. They just copied. Copied your book, parts of your book, your soap designs... Whatever it is. I see it. I don't always say something, but here I am. Saying something. 

I will always support those who recognize the work that went into the original idea. I will always support those who can create, but are practicing with my ideas. I understand this subtle behavior, this is a path to finding your own creative voice. 

Good artists can see the insight in coping better artists. I look to cake makers. Why do you think I look there instead of the soap community? 

It should not be a requirement to have thick skin to share joy. It makes me bitter, private and resistant to share. A world of those who have been squashed, who find it a burden to share, is not a world I want to live in. So here are my thoughts on this topic. Because I am a louder voice for honor then joy-thieves and idea-pirates. 

A friend wrote me yesterday about the idea-thieves and social media basement dwellers. She was struggling to continue with her brilliant work when so many commandeered her ideas, not one ounce of credit toward her innovations. I want you to know, friend, it gets to me too. I said a lot of sincere encouraging words, however, there are days when the stink is too strong. 

Now, if you're thinking I should ignore this behavior, which is what I said to my friend yesterday, I agree, however, when someone shits on my head and tells me to ignore the stink... Well, I just cannot do that. 

Do not misunderstand. I am not just looking for positive feedback. When you share back your sincere delight, your joy about one of my creations I can feel it. This is a telepathic communication, an intimate truth. Those who spew hatred think we are who don't behave that way are too dim or too polite to comment. I am not owned by anyone - not a boss, not a corporation. I'm not too polite any longer. Good manners and strong words can go hand-in-hand. 

By the way, I shared before I had followers. Before anyone was paying attention. I shared when few understood soap dough. I shared before anyone else, but me, gave a crap about my creations. I shared because it delighted me.

Your skin does not get thicker. My mind is sharper, my insights through the facade more direct. I am only becoming more clear. Not deadened. 

I share because inspiration is a delight of the gods. 

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Sharon Vincz, you are such a dear heart! Thank you for your lovely words. I’m staying present to what is and then adjusting my views to keep moving forward. :)

Soap Witch

Hi Bhakti! I love your art work, colors and festive soap. You have a wonderful sharing soul and it’s heartbreaking that you have to deal with the lower life forms only because you are sharing your passion. I purchased your first book and still need to purchase the other two. Please never stop creating or sharing 💜! Step over the crap of lower life forms and know you are so much better!
All my best to you!!!

Sharon Vincz

Bea you have often inspired me to create beautiful soap and have given me the tools to help my creations take life. What you do shows me what is possible. Its simply art in and of itself to be enjoyed both in the process and in application. Thank you so much for sharing your talent on social media. You are a shining star.

Jennifer Olson

Jeanie Hall, you delight me! I’m so pleased to know my words landed on you… That your read the selected words. Thank you! I love that you are creating to please yourself. That pleases me. :D

Bhakti Iyata

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