Cut Soap with Miter Box

Cut Soap with Miter Box

How To Cut Loaf of Soap with a Miter Box

Cut soap consistently and evenly for only $15!

I have included a video, however, I didn’t have a recently cured loaf so I tried to show the motion of how to cut a loaf of soap.

Some things to remember:

(I cut from right to left.)

  1. Place your recently unmolded soap on plastic wrap and then lay it inside your miter box. When you need to move the entire loaf, pull the plastic wrap and the soap won’t be marred on the bottom.
  2. Make a cut mark on the top of the miter box with a maker, to ensure uniform slices. There are hash marks, but hard to see.
  3. Spray both sides of the spackle knife with alcohol, this helps the knife slide through the soap.
  4. Hold the spackle knife (some call it a putty knife, but I see those as much smaller) in your right hand and line it inside the opening on the miter box.
  5. Keeping your loaf of soap flush with the right side of the miter box (or left if you’re left handed), eye up the other side, rock the knife toward to the other side of the miter box slot.
  6. Wipe spackle knife off in between cuts. Use a very clean knife for less clean up on individual bars.

If you don’t rock it, and just bring the knife down like a guillotine the soap will not be consistent. Also, hold the bar steady with opposite hand, because the pressure of cutting will move the entire loaf.

It is an exercise in concentration, however, it pays off. For $15 for the knife and box you’ll have crisp even bars every time, without the expense.

Soap Video Cutting with Miter Box

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