Figuring Soap Out

Figuring Soap Out

Soap making, like anything, is a process. You don’t have to have it all figured out to begin. As a matter of fact, its better you don’t think you know everything before you begin, just the safety parts, because you’ll miss all the insights along the way.

That can be said for just about anything.

Learning how soap works, how you work with soap, and the results can be a great experiment in seeing yourself. How you respond to challenges. How you adapt and over come unexpected results and how creative you can be in the face of these challenges.

Being creative is one of the deeper mysteries to any art form, and with soap, the window of adaptability, and therefore creativity, is some times small.

I’ve seen I can be frustrated when things don’t go as I planned. I also have manifested frustration with my actions and words. Its an uncomfortable energy for anyone near me, and makes me wonder at the soap I create, if those who use it will feel this frustration too.

When I saw that I was not creating harmony, or joy if you prefer, I adjusted myself. I don’t have a boss looming over my head on the physical plane, but boy do I have one in my head some days. I’ve quit that job. Fired that boss.

Now, I have a more harmonious environment to create from. Don’t get me wrong, this process didn’t happen overnight, its been many years coming. But, I can, now, say successfully, I’ve quit that job of keeping myself clamped down, and void of joy.

What happened because of this little insight? I see no bounds with this art form. I don’t have it all figured out, not by any stretch, but I do have an open vision for all the endless possibilities. And, because I quit my old job, my new “job” has a space of endless joy attached to it.


Shaun the Sheep

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