Ignore This

Ignore This Blog Post

Ignore all blog posts, business advice and creative suggestions.

That’s my advice.

Ignore this too.

As in all things this is your path. No one else’s. Some have come before us and done things (many great and small things), written guidelines and carved out paths, but do not doubt this is YOUR path and only you can walk it. All the triumphs and mistakes will be yours.

Your Path

This means its all your fault and credit (don’t forget this last part “credit” it will help you get through the blame and fault). To live with this statement is only for the honorable.

Those void of honor will blame others – anyone in their sights – to avoid responsibility. Few want to embrace this word “responsibility.” We live in a culture of finger-pointing and responsibility avoidance. Its always the other guy’s fault accept when praise is being lauded.

What I’ve discovered is in business and life things fall into place when one takes full responsibility for their deeds, actions and speech. The bar is raised so high its above the laws of the land, above the criticism of lower minds and the “suggestions” of those with imbalanced views.

This level of freedom creates things others have never seen or even imagined.

Two Mistresses

One cannot serve two Mistresses. I’m writing in absolutes, which is much more difficult to employ in ones life, but clearly defines the goal.

Being able to live within one’s own skin is so valuable it cannot be bought. Even though many strive to. These same people try to dance with this partner (buying and selling of integrity) but they do not recognize it fully, flailing and grasping at anything that moves, but avoiding the actual dance.

So many are dancing void honor, integrity and creativity that they have no cause to be troubled; crazy dancing, wild dancing. They have no idea they have skin, let alone an inside of that skin, and therefore are trouble free. These same people are spending electronic currency, acting heads of corporations and running our countries, which means making laws void of our consideration.

All this on the backs of those who operate with honor, integrity and a deep belief that for some this is an acceptable way to live, despite those who squash the creative backbone our world is built on.

Honor, integrity and creativity are first an inside process, but one that can manifest outside. This dance can make things appear in reality.

In conclusion, ignore these words I write and walk your own path. No one ever discovered or created anything by following the rules. Remember, you’ll have a least one honorable person on your side.

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