Level Best

Level Best Horse Soap

As I worked on the slightest details of a little soap horse (5 grams), adding a mane, smoothing out the ears, ensuring the stockings blend, I asked myself, “am I doing my level best?”

Once, I had to take an IQ test for a college I attended. I didn’t know it was an IQ test when I met with a doctor, I just thought it was an aptitude test since I hadn’t been in school for many years. I asked about time, requirements, etc. The doctor said for me to just do my best.

As I worked on a point of view drawing, I stopped and paused to examine my work. The doctor who was sitting across from me pulled my test. I pulled it back immediately and said, “you said to do my best, that is not my best. I can do better.”

I’ve lost a lot of information from that over-all education, but that is one thing I did not lose. I strive to do my very best, no matter how much time it takes or the requirements. I revisit and revisit old soaps, old ideas, building on the idea and improving it.

With that hanging out there, I also pondered, (my mind has lots of places to go when I’m making soap) about my soaps from this last year. I have a more nuanced feeling for molding soap now, I know I can do better.

I also saw how the soaping community, my customers and new friends have supported me. I feel you all have enjoyed my little creations as much as I have. That is truly a lovely and pleasant feeling. Its like we’re in this land where we speak a new language, a unique communication, sort of like Alice in Wonderland.

Those who know soap, know what I do. Those who don’t like these types of soap for different reasons. And, then there are those who just don’t know about the Rabbit Hole… yet.

My world is filled with magical moments, I seek those moments, I look hard for them, beyond the veil that separates this world from others. I’m inspired by stories and authors that create subtle magical realism to out right magical worlds. All this I want to pour into (of all places) soap!

Soap is so much like magical experiences, temporary, transitory and transformational.

This is my latest inspiration:

To all those who want a little magic in their lives, who indulge my whimsy, and encourage my make-believe… A big THANK YOU! To each of you who have purchased from, liked my soap images and commented, I read each one, and am so truly and abundantly grateful. With a big heart for you, I continue to do my level best!


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