Magic Soap Box

Soap Box

Magic Soap Box

I’ve been working on many projects, but my most important one is a Magic Soap Box with affordable shipping costs.

Shipping costs can be a huge hinderance to getting what we want from on-line companies.

I’m preparing to launch the Magic Soap box. Soap flowers and one bar of  NEWLY designed Dragon Silk will be included.

Soap Deal

Inside the Magic Soap Box

7 for 5: Seven 3-ounce soaps for the price of five soaps.

  • Individually – 7 soaps: $45.50
  • Magic Soap Box – 7 soaps: $35.50
  • Only $6.80 USPS 2-Day with tracking.

This Magic Soap Box will be offered for this price next month. I’ll need a bit of luck and lot of magic to pull this off.

Dragons and Fairies

This is what the fairies left for me from my Dragon Silk Soap offering. There is always a surprise in your Magic Soap Box, what will they leave for you?


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