On Writing a Soap Book

On Writing a Soap Book

Writing a book can be a daunting task for those who work in the realm of sweat equity. It is a trade, one's life force energy in exchange for a creation not before seen. 

It is my opinion that trading one's life force energy, one's focus and attention, is of great value. In a world were so many copy a good idea, the genuine idea is not only the source, but the holy grail.

This next book, The Magic Of Soap Dough, (The Complete Guide To Soap Dough) has been brought forth entirely by my imagination, self-education and experiences along with a great deal of research. 

Did you know that soap making and witchcraft have been long linked together? Some current materials stating this idea are dated as far back as 1869.

Each photograph, each soap, each word, each design and even the entire layout of this book has been created by my own imagination. 

We creators often times create alone, but we do not create in a vacuum. After all is said and done, artists cannot always see their own work with a scrutinizing eye of perspective. The creation must be held up and looked over by another. 

That is why the crux of any good work is heavily reliant on those who were not part of the creation, but can see the work with fresh eyes. These eyes, these associates, friends, are cultivated with trust. For an artist to share this new born with another person is a moment of trust. This infant manifestation cannot be shared with just anyone. It takes a delicate and sturdy hand to hold this precious infant creation in their mind's eye. It takes trust for that person to hold it delicately, address it and yet, not destroy this vulnerable creation. 

There are few (if any) who have made as much soap dough as I have. (This is not to boast, but a statement of fact and obsession, as far as I know.) I've been working on perfecting the consistency and constant nature of this pliable soap product, and therefore, felt the desire to share these experiences and insights in this work of non-fiction.

It would be my hope, to some day, have a dedicated apprentice, someone to teach all I know. Because I have not met this person yet, I have chosen to write what I know (so far) and make this material available to those private alchemists and those self apprenticing. 

With every effort there are always upsides and downsides.

The pros and cons to this endeavor are as follows:

The cons are that one has laid themselves bare, even in writing non-fiction. There is no one to blame if all goes sideways. As in all of life, no matter what the endeavor, the fault and praise lay on one's shoulders. In other words, if the proof readers and reviewers do not enjoy or find value in this work it is up to this artist to repair or correct. This is nerve wracking, waiting for the feedback of proof readers, waiting for feedback from reviewers. This is an anxious time. 

The pros, or positives are more dreamy, less factual. The satisfaction of creation, creating something from my essence that has never existed before. Proof of my being, having lived. This is a deep and self-centered satisfaction. The idea that someone, at least and hopefully, one other person will find something of value in this work, is only a dream as of now. The upside is also to have written out this material so the future soap makers will have a guide and know it is possible to apprentice life. It is possible to think beyond what we think we know. It is possible to make a life worth living, even if it is only as transitory as soap. 

If you are anxiously awaiting this next soap dough book by someone who stumbled upon soap dough and brought it forth; a book chocked full of ideas, tips and tricks, inspiration and many, many photographs, do sign up for the newsletter and you'll be notified the very second this book, The Magic of Soap Dough, is available. 


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