Pinterest Edge

Pinterest Edge

Get more attention and interaction from your pins with less effort.

I’ve been studying Pinterest, reading on-line marking blogs and testing.

The long skinny pins get far more attraction, re-pins and click throughs than anything I’ve tried in the past. It also provides economy of effort. I pin far few pins, and get much more bang for my buck.

This is what I’ve learned.

Tip #1.

I created a template in Photoshop (I use CS5 full version, however, if I were starting, I would buy Photoshop Elements) Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 | PC/Mac Disc
and just change the banner color, name and insert the images.

Tip #2.

I learned to save as a 72 pp image and post it. The over all size for this pin is 2016 X 734 px. This loads much faster and no one has time to wait.

This pin gets far more interaction than just the photo, no matter how good the photo.

Tangled Soap by Sorcery Soap

Tip #3.

ALWAYS link to your website, if the subject of the image reflects your website.

Tip #4. 

Embed the same image in your linked page. Google likes consistency, relevancy and authenticity. This information indicates I’ve increased my impressions (how many times someone can see these pins) by 40%. I’ll take it!

Sorcery Soap Screen Shot
Sorcery Soap Screen Shot from Pinterest New Style Pins


Cut Tangled and Absinthe are Soap pins.

Sorcery Soap Screen Shot
Repin Analytics from new stlye Pins on Pinterest


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