Seasonal Soaps

Seasonal Soaps

Although its only August, I’m releasing some new soaps for the colder seasons. Its, on average, 110 degrees here in the desert. I’m dreaming of winter, missing snow and looking forward to cooler temperatures here, at the very least.

A few made last month, (that’s how hot it is, I’ve been dreaming of winter for awhile):

Boo SoapBoo Soap: Each bar has a little Boo, or ghost hugging a candy corn, both cold process soap. A touch of “magic” which some call glitter and scented with a bright and effervescent Lemongrass essential oil. (Only 5 of these.)


Polar Bear SoapPolar Bear Soap: These little soaps each have hand molded polar bears, snow flakes and sugar coated snow balls, which are a gradient of white to blue.


White Knight SoapMain Players Set: This is not a full soap chess set, but they are the main players.


Thanks for reading!


Chess Soap Polar Bears Pinterest Boo Soap

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