Store Wide Discount

Store Wide Discount Pink Gnome Baby

For all those who’ve been following the crafting adventures of Sorcery Soap you know I make some rather odd soaps. With making things that are unusual there is very little way to compare Sorcery Soap prices to other soap prices.

Although all Sorcery Soaps are made with exceptional oils and butters, along with clever ingredients that create a great bar of soap, it is difficult to account for the detail and time it takes to create a true Sorcery Soap.

So I’ve made a decision… To implement a store wide discount. No matter how much time I take for each soap I’m only going to charge $6.50 for larger bars and $5.50 or lower for smaller bars; two prices for a variety of soaps.

I hope this makes choosing soaps easier, and purchasing Sorcery Soaps more inviting. Also, hopefully you will USE these soaps at this price knowing I have new creations right around the corner.Soap Sample Medallions

Thank you for your support this last year. Without each of you, your lovely comments and continuous support, I can continue into the future making unique soaps that love your skin and enhance your imagination.

Now, with a “freesorcery” which will give you free 2-DAY priority shipping until December 21, 2015,  you can get your holiday soaps in time for Christmas. 


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