Make Soap Samples

Make Soap Samples  How to get your samples to your customers? If you’re like me, as a soap maker, you create your own soap scents. No matter how well I describe what I think a Dragon smells like, its still a bit elusive. The same with Love Spelled (my version), Leather (in soap), Forest, Sweet […]

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I am Not a Corporation

I am not a corporation, a production line or a one person factory. I may never make any one of my soaps again. I make what interests me. I make what inspires me.  Like a great meal, the experience of my soap might be equally as temporary in duration. Unlike a great meal soap won’t increase your waistline, […]

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Soaping Tips and Tricks

Soaping Tips and Tricks What I’ve learned so far: Begin soaping with a clear intention and then let it go. Soap has a mind of its own and moving with the intention and creativity will give a better result than holding tight to the original idea. This works unless its necessary to have a soap […]

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Simple Soap Recipe

Simple Soap Recipe Soaping Secrets So many new soapers ask for an “easy” recipe. Here it is! This is a great practice go-to recipe. Use this to grow your own recipes. Recipes, other than customer lists, are your business (if you choose to have one). Tried and true recipes are so guarded because it takes […]

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