Making Black Birds Pie

Making Black Bird Poison Pies There was extra from my Honey Bee Soap, which has sodium lactate. SL is not great for molding soap, but usable. It causes little hard areas that take a lot of time to mash up. I used it because its also scented with Honey and that with the combination of […]

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Magical Realistic Soap

Magical Realistic Soap  I began writing many years ago. I studied it, took classes and used writing as my spiritual practice. Each morning I would devote my first 30 minutes after waking to writing my dreams. I took a legal top spiral pad of paper with me everywhere I went, and if a spare moment […]

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Show or Not to Show New Soaps

Show or Not To Show New Soaps That’s my question.  Should I share my newest soaps before they fully cure? Its been a dilemma, a marketing pain, deciding if I show soaps that won’t be available for 4-6 weeks from the time I make them. I’ve been lucky with pre-orders. Customers trusting me with their […]

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Sugar Pie Soap

Sugar Pie Soap – Handmade Sodium Lauryl Sulfate FREE Soap.  I began making soap to live more simply by getting chemicals out of all bath and body products. So, after doing a ton of research I started making soap. I soon realized simple ingredients do not need to be boring. ON the contrary, they can be […]

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Soaping Insights

Soaping Insights What I learned from this pie soap and other soaping adventures. I’m in love with soaping, so this makes me want to learn. I watch, experiment and chart what I learn. I have made one recipe over and over, with only design variation. Here are some of the things I’ve learned. 1.) I always […]

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