Spring 11 Nyla to Bee

Spring 11 Nyla to Bee

Spring, April 11

Dear Bee,

My dear. I know you are not feeling well. Headaches are a sign of imbalance be it nutritional or psychic. Are you spending time out of doors, enough. We have had this discussion before, and it results in less is more when it comes to food. Maybe a time for a longer fast? Please, my dearest sister, heed this advice. You have much work to do here, still.

The sisters love to gossip, as you know. No need to feel left out. It is a sign that you do not participate in that energy and your being more mother hen than others, they might feel a bit pecked at if they do include you. You will always be told what they are up to.

On a more pleasant note, the spring in the canyon is beautiful. Cactus are blooming deeply purple and magenta colors. I saw humming birds at the feeder the other day.

The Countess has conjured a summoning. Ivy wrote to me and is in quandarous kerfuffle. Ive found a bit of restraint helpful when trying to guide Ivy. She, generally, figures it out, even when she doesnt. Have you communicated with her?

How is your next book coming along. I sensed this was on the horizon, as you tend to be more quiet than usual when writing.

These are the cards I pulled for you, this day.



3 of Cups - A little social event and friendship, slightly in the past, seemed delightful. Did you see your friends last night?

Ace of Pentacles - New things and time for yourself. This is in line with a bit of care for yourself. Take time, my dear, and it will lead you down the garden path of insight. Do you see the gateway to the promise?

Ace of Wands - So many new creative ideas and a host of inspiration. Now you see why I know you are writing, again?

Oh, and happy anniversary! What inspired you and Jacob to finally tie the knot? Was it a proper hand fasting, broom jumping? I’m so terribly glad you chose him. Mary and Lucas saw how good he is for you, and you for him, 13 years ago. Has anything changed since your official binding?

All my love, Nyla

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