Interview with Linda Gracey of Lucy Blues Soap Company

Interview with Linda Gracey of Lucy Blues Soap Company

Linda Gracey might not be a name you know right away, but I'll bet you know her soaps. That is the very reason I chose Linda Gracey of Lucy Blues Soap Company for the interview series, to put a name and face to her amazing and creative soaps. I, for one, want to encourage. 

Linda of  Lucy Blues Soap Company to continue on her path, with not just words of support but actions. This interview is my action in support of Linda to continue to share her artistry with us. Interview with Linda Gracey of Lucy Blues Soap Company

What makes you happy to get out of bed regarding soap making? 

Trying new mica colors and fragrance oils, mixing fragrance oils and essential oils to make my own unique scents and trying new recipes; reading about and watching other creative soap makers videos and techniques are always something to look forward too.

How did you come up with the idea to make your Voodoo Dolls and Hearts Soap?

The Idea for this soap came to me as I was browsing youtube. I love to make a playlist of songs to have on while I'm working. I came across an album cover The Voodoo Dolls and I thought the little Voodoo doll was so darn cute - I've always loved them! I mixed some copper and white mica colored soap dough for the dolls and created little slits that I painted with brown mica and rubbing alcohol to create the look of the doll being stitched together and the red stitched hearts to accompany them. I was so thrilled with the results! 

Where do you find your inspiration for your unique soaps? Linda Gracey Soap Frogs

Inspiration for me can come from anywhere really: my favorite movies or Tv shows, nature and wildlife friend and family's suggestions. When I made my Alice in Wonderland soap I was inspired by my niece who adores Alice in Wonderland. When an Idea comes to me I get to work on it immediately because I never know how long my muse will be with me for that particular creative influence. I do write ideas down and refer to them later but it seems that the ones I get busy on right away while I am feeling that strong creative influence often turn out to be the best-finished creations. There are times when I'll be out somewhere and I'll tell my guy, we have to hurry home, I'm feeling so charged with inspiration right now! If there's one thing I've learned about my own creativity is that I need to pursue it in that moment.

What is your favorite part of soap making?

First and foremost SOAP DOUGH! I absolutely love sculpting all sorts of things for my soaps.  Your (Bee Iyata) soap dough creations have inspired me and motivated me so crazy much! The dough is so amazing to work with. I've always loved working with polymer clay so when I discovered your soap dough, well what could be better? It has really enabled me to bring expression  to my soap making. Linda Gracey of Lucy Blues Soap Company

What do you do that is not soap related, but aids in your creative thinking? 

Painting is my other love for creativity; oil, acrylic painting and watercolor. I've been painting and drawing for as long as I can remember. I adore Van Gogh and Claude Monet paintings...  Their use of color and brush stroke, the depiction of figures and light is so emotional and really impacts me. I've attempted to recreate a few of my favorites Starry Starry night and Cafe Terrace at Night - pure exhilaration when I'm painting

What do you want people to know about your work?

I want people to know that I am been so overwhelmed with encouragement and kindness from the soaping community.  The openness and willingness to help others to learn the craft is awesome! These are truly an amazing group of artists. I will always pay it forward.

What have you done that surprised you?

Made Soap. Really, I didn't expect my soaps to evolve the way they have. The first soap I made,  ( a milk and honey soap)  was awful  I would like to say I took the huge fail with a grain of salt, but that wasn't the case.  I got so annoyed -  it looked bad and it smelled bad. I didn't touch soap making for a few months after that but, I did continue to watch videos and learn from other soapers. I eventually tried again and had a successful outcome.  The encouragement I gained from that positive experience really gave me the motivation to build off of that. 

What makes you laugh about making soap?

I get a kick from other people's interpretations of my soaps and soap dough creations. What was intended to be a butterfly looks like a bird to some no matter how clearly you think you've told the story, others may see something very different. I laugh at this in a good way! You can't be offended...  Anyones take on something is always welcome. As far as Im concerned it's great that someone is taking the time to give me their view on my project.                                

What do you want readers to know about you or your soap making business i.e. other products, ingredients, research... Anything you’d like to mention here.

I am relatively new to cold process soap making. There's still so much to learn, I've only touched the tip of the iceberg. I do love sharing and helping people with what I have learned. I hope to have a website in the future until then you can find me on Facebook.  

Creativity is contagious, pass it on. - Albert Einstein      





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