Tamara Jane Soap Interview

Tamara Jane Soap Interview

Interview with Tamara Jane Artisan Soap

I have watched Tamara Jane (Mara) make soap over the years and have been astonished. Her work is thought out, detailed and original. So, I wondered what secrets she might have to share with us about her soap making process. 


1. What prompted your interest in soap making?

My passion for soap making ignited the moment I discovered its possibility, sparking immense excitement at the prospect of creating something both functional and beautiful.


2. Did you have knowledge of soap making before you began?

    I dedicated two years to researching soap making before summoning the courage to give it a try.


    3. How did you arrive at the name of your business?

      The inspiration for my business name struck when I combined my first and middle names, embellishing them with 'Artisan Soap' to convey the essence of meticulous craftsmanship and care, mirroring the qualities inherent in both.


      4. What makes you happy to get out of bed regarding soap making?

        I love the excitement of bringing a soap concept to fruition, eagerly translating it from imagination into tangible reality.


        5. What is your favorite way to connect with other soap makers

          I engage with fellow soap makers through various channels, but Instagram is a special place for me. It serves as my favorite platform, offering a vibrant showcase of diverse soap artists from across the globe.


          6. How do you design your soaps? Do you choose scent first or colors or… ?

            I prioritize the visual aspect when designing my soap, allowing the scent to follow suit. Whether it complements the design or is chosen to avoid discoloration from vanillin content, each fragrance is carefully selected to enhance the overall aesthetic.


            7. Where do you find inspiration for your soaps?

              My soap designs stem from the vast array of ideas constantly swirling in my mind. Inspiration can strike from anywhere - whether it's a vivid color, an enticing scent, intricate patterns, elements of nature, architectural structures, or even the simple elegance of lines and forms.


              8. What is your favorite part of soap making?

                My favorite aspect of soap making is the culmination of the process, where everything comes together harmoniously. However, if it doesn't align as expected, I find inspiration in the opportunity to adapt and refine, turning challenges into creative opportunities.

                9. What makes you laugh about making soap?

                Isn't it funny how soap making manages to get you covered in so much mess?


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