Curing Soap Addiction

Curing Soap Addiction

Curing Soap Addiction

I’m sorry to break the news to you… There is no known cure for soap addiction. The upshot is, you can indulge your soap addiction as much as you like or as much as your wallet, partner or stick blender can handle. 

I know, it isn't what you wanted to hear, but it is good news. You can create the feeling of Christmas morning whenever you make soap the night before. This power is at your crafty little soaping finger tips!

Signs You Might be a Soap Addict:

When you make gravy, pancake batter or cake batter, you stir till trace. This is perfectly acceptable, all three will trace to some degree, depending on your kitchen witchery. But it is a sign.

When you see baked goods you start planning how you can duplicate the design in cold process soap.

You have completely changed your opinion about lard.

You might be a soap addict, when you go into a bath and beauty store you try to name the scents of everything you smell.

When you stop by your local health food store you always check their soaps and read the labels.

You constantly shop and read reviews for the best and truest red colorant.

Every vessel is a mold possibility.

You might be a soap addict if you dream about soap and the last thing you think of before you go to bed is your next soap.

When every flat surface looks like a drying rack.

If you have more curing soap in your house than food, you might have a soap issue.

If you begin to look at eggs and butter differently, you might have a soap problem.

Tell Tale Sign

And the big one, the one that tells you there might be a soaping addiction, if, when finally getting a day off, you’d rather make soap than have sexy-time with your mate, you might have a soap issue.

Please, leave more “You might be a soap addict if… ” in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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This is so hilarious because each one is so true! I wanted to add: Every time I see a vacation or travel destination, I want to make it into a soap. I rarely watch movies on Netflix anymore and prefer YouTube to watch all the soap vids. :) I’m Carol, and I’m a soap addict! (and proud of it!)


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