Humans ARE Natural

Humans ARE Natural

What does is say for our self-worth as humans to make claims that natural is superior to man-made, to constantly promote "natural" over human altered? 

Things found in advertising:

  • Natural is better
  • Comes from Nature
  • Not man made


I wonder at the motive behind elevating natural and lowering man-made importance. Where is the level headed approach?

Humans Must be Unnatural

It has been my mistake to think humans are not natural and all things that are "natural" are superior to human influence or humans at all. This is a subtle influence, one I've had to bring to the surface. I have accepted this idea, "natural is better" without proper examination. 

Granted many people who instruct the form-based world are not honorable alchemist. That doesn't diminish the idea that if something is heated, treated or altered by humans mean that the intelligence is gone entirely or that the results of their creation is inferior. 

So, let me get this straight, if humans alter something it is no longer natural? What about how ants create an anthill? Is that natural? But, we cannot touch or alter anything, because it becomes unnatural? 

What if the ancients understood far better than we do by honoring the earth in celebration, blessing objects of importance, making offerings to an idea, asking the world and all that is for aid in survival? Over all, honoring our environments. 

What if natural is not superior and man-made is not inferior? What if we are natural and what we do is natural, in the same way an ant colony changes its environment is natural? 

This is not to say all things humans create is honorable or even good. All humans are not honorable.

Would you see yourself as part of the natural world? How would your interactions change? Would that under lying feeling that "man" was bad evaporate?

What if you forget the idea that man-made is inferior and that anything man touches is ruined and inferior to what nature produces?

How does entertaining the idea that you are part of nature change how you see yourself? 


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