Sea of Taupe

Sea of Taupe

Money does not equal creativity. Lack of money does not make one creative. Money is just a tool, but not a magic wand to manifest. You cannot purchase creativity. It is not for sale. Or is it? Taupe See

One day, when stepping off the Chicago metro I saw before me a sea of taupe; hundreds of people dressed in taupe trench coats. I, however, was wearing shockingly purple sweat pants, a green jacket and carrying a multi-colored backpack. A thought began to materialize.

I saw them. I saw those lives streaming from each person. I saw bosses making demands on the creative souls in those boxes, colored in taupe. I saw how my artistic abilities would be leveraged, and I would be put into the a cubical, into a box. I had just left a cubical for college. I saw how my creativity would be a leveraged as a commodity. Those who could not create (if their survival depended on it) would tell me how to create; what to create and most of all, hold my salary (or hourly) pay over my head unless I created on a schedule. I could feel this life. I could feel the unfair trade. I would be forced to trade my life-force energy for a few gold dragons, for a roof, and food. I saw how others would make money off of my efforts, without a care for me. 

The world is upside down. The human society does not value the ability to bring something - an idea - from the ethers into the world of form. Animal societies handle creativity vastly different, just ask a Raven. Society is set up to reward the most nefarious of wizards, but not the quiet little sorceress who manifests for sheer delight - of self and others. Without creativity nothing would exist, people or things. Women-witches can manifest a baby with their bodies, and a little help of a tiny guppy. There are thousands who create, invent and share their imaginings with us. Some have enabled us to talk to a magic piece of glass.

The ability to create should be highly prized, valued beyond anything else. Imagine if those who can create had a society? Would we evolve to an academy named Hogwarts? 

Is everyone gifted with this ability to harness a translucent filament of an idea and bring it into form?

Some believe we all possess this ability, albeit buried or hidden, yet to be discovered. Some believe we are gods who have fallen into the material world. Some believe our bio-suits (our bodies) hold a divine spark - a divine spark from that which we are born. After all, flesh is just flesh unless inhabited by consciousness. And the question is, what kind of consciousness? 

I have since learned to camouflage my outsides; not display my outsides in brightly colored clothing, but my insides are more colorful than that moment 25 years ago. I have nurtured a small spark. A spark I knew to protect as a child. I could see adults saw this spark and wanted to destroy it. Although they tried, I knew they could not reach it. The small spark was only a flicker - was too deep, too far inside - but like bugs who are drawn to flames, it was beyond their control. It was like a hunger, their attraction to this small flame, that had to be satisfied. 

It has taken all this time to allow my ability to create to surface; after hiding it from those who would consume it, eat it, take it for themselves, - I can acknowledge it for myself. 

Did you know there were very rich people who threw a ton of money at engineers and other inventors to create a flying machine? They failed. The Wright brothers funded themselves and on a shoe string budget and flew. They took humans into flight, like birds. They also had the patents stolen by wizards who thought the power was the wand. The brothers knew they had the brightness inside, a drive to understand, to manifest, to create.

If you feel this drive, just keep going. It's okay. Even if no one else understands, I hope you know by reading this, that someone else does. That's all. That's all there is, your spark. What you do with it, is up to you. 



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I just finished reading this wonderful story. I call it wonderful because you were able to protect and grow your ‘spark’. I too have had to do this. Now in my 50’s I am soaring with my ‘spark’ Thank you so much for being brave enough to write it.

Renie H

Just the right, well written message, to read on this day. Thank you!

Joan Broughton

Love your story. Everything you have mentioned is so true. And it’s very uplifting for anyone who is trying to get out of a cubical and venture off to share with the world their creativity. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I never knew soap dough existed until I came across your videos on youtube. Love your spark….it’s illuminating and immaculate.


Well said, I nurture the sparks in myself and my children as much as I can. I promote creativity through scouting programs in my area and I love every minute.


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