Secret Soap Tricks from a Soap Witch

Secret Soap Tricks from a Soap Witch

Secret Soap Tricks from Sorcery Soap Witch

What is the one secret trick? Creativity.

That's the secret. End of post.




First, lets identify the clutter:

Here are some of the things that will dull, neutralize or void your creativity:

  • People who cannot or do not want to create, but want to leverage your creativity. (Don't allow yourself to be someone else's commodity.)
  • Money, the promise of money. In the soaping world this can come in the form of wholesale orders with this very deceptive question: "How many pounds can you make a month?"
  • Money - the lack of money. The want of money will control your creativity. Thinking if you do what you're told/asked you will receive your needed money even though its the very last type of soap you want to create.
  • Unsolicited help. The questions that come in the form of a promise of a purchase. "Can you make x, y, z?"  This usually is a multiple scented, multiple colored complex request, with no awareness how much trouble the process is. 
  • Compromise. This is antithetical to honoring and executing your deep creative drive.

What Ayn Rand has to say about compromise:

“To sell your soul is the easiest thing in the world. That's what everybody does every hour of his life. If I asked you to keep your soul - would you understand why that's much harder?”
Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead

It takes removing obstacles to allow your personal creativity to surface.

What Are Obstacles?

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.” - Marcus Aurelius

Obstacles come in a variety of forms, shapes sizes... And find a way past the obstacle can help you find your path. 

Here are a few:

  • Not writing an idea down. If you are like me, and get your ideas right before you fall asleep, in that delicious twilight place, and you don't prompt yourself out of bed to write it down, remember this YOU WILL NOT REMEMBER! I have convinced myself, more times than I can count, "Oh, that's so obvious I'll remember that." I don't. Not once. Ever. This place of sleepy twilight when the inspiration strikes is exactly what I'm trying to get at when I say, "remove the obstacles." Your mind is relaxed and allows for imagination to flow.
  • Claiming to be "too busy". Yup, everyone is busy and there will always be laundry, chores, errands, stuff!  Keep your creative fires lit. It is easy to keep the fires of inspiration lit than to start the fire. If the Muse of Inspiration makes her rarified visit, it's a burst of inspiration, but not the stream of inspiration. (I explore this topic in my book, "An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions".)
  • Fear. Fear of not being able to duplicate a happy accident, fear of what others will say and fear of failure. All these are unfounded and illusionary. Fear is not real. Danger is.

If you are lucky enough to be creative, revel in it, dance with it, be joyous! It is your gift! A gift that has taken many years (or not) to unearth, grow and allowed to bloom. Do not ever criticize the full flower of your own creativity! Glory in your unique expression.

If you don't take a stand for your deep creative voice, who will? Others are busy doing the same thing.

Remember, when you have a failure (or what you think is a failure) in the wrong light fertilizer can seem terrible, but boy does it do wonders.

My book, "An Enchanted Book of Peculiar Ideas and Soap Potions" will help you get inspired and stay inspired, along with Soap Dough guides, recipes, tips and tricks. 

It is my hope we will create a community of unique Soap Witches who see the world in a peculiar way. Stop by the new facebook group and see if it tickles your fancy, "Sorcery Creations Group, home for the unusual soaps, bath and body products."

Your creativity is a super power. Use it wisely.

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Thank you – Dorka, Carol and Sarah!

Sarah – you made me laugh, and for that, right back ’atcha!

Soap Witch

First you listen to Jordan Peterson and now you quote Ayn Rand? I think I love you! Truly though, your blog posts are always very well timed with very good advice. So, thank you.


Thank you so much for this post. It hit home for me for many reasons, especially the part about fear. That is the faze I’m in right now. I work full time as a social worker for children in foster care, and in my spare time (of what time I have) I let my creativity and love for soaping flow. I have taken almost all of the steps necessary for “taking the big leap” of becoming a real business. I have been making soap for about 11 years now, and it is a true passion for me, not just a flight of fancy. My fear is…quiting social work to do my soaping business full time. It is terrifying but I know that there is going to come a day soon when I am going to have to take the leap. This post has validated for me all the things that I need to put to rest and take the final step. Thanks Bee, for your insight!


Wow amazing introduction Iam thankful that the Universe and my Angels conspire in my favor so I xan meet you and your work. You are truly unique keep tbe good job. Blessings

Dorka Reyes

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