New Soap Dough & Extended Coupon

New Soap Dough Colors available!

Both Sorcery Soap Dough Books
Both Sorcery Soap Dough Books

White, Red, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, Purple, Black and GOLD, or faery face color! 

All your purchases will help us move. Yup, we’re moving into our home soon and we’d like your help to minimize our Sorcery Soap inventory.

Also, now, obtain Both Sorcery Soap Dough books for the price of one!

Sorcery Soap Dough
Sorcery Soap Dough Colors
Button Box Soap
Button Box Soap

I’d rather ship these soaps to you than move them to our new home.  This is how much I would love it if you’d help us move:

Use Coupon Code at check out and receive 20% off. “MovetheSoapWitch” 

This 20% off is good for EVERYTHING, even though I don’t have to move ebooks, it seems fair.  And you don’t even have to sweat the 108 degree desert weather.

I appreciate the opportunity to start fresh on many levels of our new home. I hope you take full advantage of our move.

Begins: Saturday 8/5/2017

Expires: Thursday 8/31/2017

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