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Full Moon Soap

Full Moon Soap

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Introducing our vibrant "Full Moon Soap," a captivating creation by a talented graduate of the Magical Society Crafts degree.

This bar of soap features bright orange and yellow stripes, reminiscent of a stunning sunset. Scattered throughout are whimsical confetti pieces that add an extra layer of charm. The face of each bar is stamped with a silhouette of graceful bats, flying under the glow of a full moon. Infused with the delicate and enchanting scent of Pink Lilac and Willow, this soap transforms your daily routine into a magical experience. Perfect for those who appreciate a touch of mysticism and beauty in their self-care rituals, the "Full Moon Soap" invites you to wash away the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary

Scent - Pink Lilac and Willow

Pink Lilac and Willow will transport you to a field of fresh flowers every time you use it. Your senses will be met with the calming top notes of lilacs, followed by green notes, on a base of roses, and lilies. We love this flowery fragrance and know you will too.
  • Top Notes: Lilac
  • Middle Notes: Leafy Green
  • Base Notes: Rose and Lily of the Valley


For longer use remove from direct water, to allow the soap to dry between uses.


Real Soap – not detergent! 

* A new scent in the bath
* Delightfully designed soap for doing a daily task

  • Phthalate Free
  • Preservative Free
  • SLS Free
  • Detergent Free

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