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Celestial Taurus Zodiac Mug Deluxe 15 oz.

Celestial Taurus Zodiac Mug Deluxe 15 oz.

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Celestial Taurus Bull 15 oz Coffee or Tea Mug

Embark on a journey into celestial serenity with our Celestial Taurus Bull 15 oz Coffee or Tea Mug – a cosmic masterpiece that seamlessly melds the strength of the bull with the enchantment of the stars. Dive into the celestial beauty of Taurus, gracefully portrayed amidst a vast sea of stars set against a captivating black background.

Design is two sized, front and back.

🐂 Symbolic Strength:
Harness the steadfast energy and determination associated with Taurus as you cradle this mug in your hands. The celestial bull making it an ideal companion for those who resonate with the enduring traits of this zodiac sign.

🌠 Stellar Night Scape Design:
Escape into the magical allure of the night sky with the stellar design that graces this mug. The Taurus bull, surrounded by a celestial galaxy of stars, transforms your sipping experience into a cosmic journey of celestial elegance.

☕ Perfect for Coffee or Tea:
Whether you prefer the invigorating kick of coffee or the soothing embrace of tea, this 15 oz mug caters to your beverage of choice. Elevate your daily ritual with a touch of celestial charm.

🖤 Captivating Aesthetic:
Beyond its functional purpose, this mug serves as a captivating piece of celestial art. The Taurus bull against the backdrop of stars creates a visually striking design, making it a standout addition to your mug collection.

🎁 Celestial Gift Choice:
Searching for a stellar gift for the Taurus in your life? The Celestial Taurus Bull Mug is a splendid choice. Its exquisite design, coupled with its everyday functionality, makes it a thoughtful and enchanting gift for astrology enthusiasts.

Immerse yourself in the cosmic dance of style and symbolism with each sip from the Celestial Taurus Bull 15 oz Coffee or Tea Mug – where astrology converges with functionality for a celestial experience.

The deluxe size of the classic mug in white ceramic that looks great and is microwave and dishwasher-safe. Holds a generous 15oz. of your favorite warm beverage.

Design: Two-Sided Design
Material: 100% White Ceramic
Size: 15 Fluid oz.; 4.62" (H) x 3.37" (W)
Care: Dishwasher + Microwave Safe

*For more information about our mugs, please see our article, Mastering Mugs
**Please note that with pre-constructed items, exact dimensions are not guaranteed.
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