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Tea Witch Greeting Card

Tea Witch Greeting Card

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 Tea Witch Greeting Card

There are many types of witches one can be: Hedge Witch, Kitchen Witch, Winter Witch, Swamp Witch... and Tea Witch. Being crafty can manifest in a variety of ways. 

Healing comes in many ways, but one as old as the hills is a good wives potion, or even a story, which we call a tale. Crafting things together, what is to hand around the house in the time of need, is a magical skill. 

One of the tools of the healing trade was herbs and when one has enough herbs in the house its a natural progression to make tea, or the other way around. 

The ancient art of tea crafting spans thousands of years and extends beyond the simple act of brewing black tea. This Tea Witch Greeting Card is dedicated to those who craft teas in your own home. I bet you have something in your cupboard right now that could be magically transformed into a delightful tea concoction.

If your inclinations lean in this direction, consider this Tea Witch Greeting Card. Perhaps you are the one who needs the warmth and magic it brings. 

Here are a few tea recipes I find delightful.  I offer more in a downloadable print-out. 

  • Feline Dreams
    • Lemongrass - 2 parts,
    • Ginger - pinch
    • Catnip - 1 part
  • Love Potion
    • Hibiscus - 1 part (or more if you need more love)
    • Lemongrass - 1 part
  • Bright Eyed
    • Yerba Mate - 2 parts
    • Cocoa powder - 1 part


This is artwork is offered as a 5 x 7 note card, including sayings you might like to use. When I want to send a note, I don't always know what to say, so I offer 3 choices for you to use. Print the sayings and glue them inside your card or re-write them in your own hand. Please download the included quotes for your use.

These high quality greeting cards can also be framed for an enchanting desktop addition.

Want a Digital Download? We have digital downloads and 8 x 10 Prints!

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