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Bunny Stars Stamp

Bunny Stars Stamp

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This Bunny Stars Stamp, bunny in the center and stars around the outside.

Bunnies and rabbits have been with us in myth and superstitions for many years. It is a rare occasion to see a rabbit, particularly, in day light. As everyone knows, rabbits (bunnies) love to romp at night, especially during a full moon.

Rabbits, or in particular their feet, are a sign of good luck. There was a time that upon waking one would chant, "rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" for good luck for the day.

“On the first day of the month when you wake up in the morning shout ‘White Rabbit’ and when you go to bed at night shout ‘Black Rabbit’ and you will have good luck.”

Fill in the impression with soap dough, allow to dry and plane the surface off. Clean up the edges to make a stunning soap.

Lightweight plastic and resin modular soap stamp. 1.77 inch surface area with 3mm depth. 


Suggestion: Stamps work more effectively WITH HANDLES. However, handles are interchangeable with each stamp

Indicate in your order WITH OR WITHOUT HANDLES.
If you need a handle CLICK, HERE or utilize the drop down menu.

For Best Results

For best results stamp cold process soap within the first week after cutting. Depending on hardness of soap. 

To avoid sticking dusting with cornstarch or a spritz of 91% rubbing alcohol will help stamp release; both depend on hardness of the soap bar and time of stamping. 

Utilizing Sorcery Soap dough will give an accurate and clean impression every time.

Stamp Care

Printed with eco friendly plant based and biodegradable plastic and UV resin. Hand wash with soap and warm water. Avoid high temperatures. Do not wash in automatic dishwasher. 

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