Sugar Pie Soap

Sugar Pie Soap – Handmade Sodium Lauryl Sulfate FREE Soap.  I began making soap to live more simply by getting chemicals out of all bath and body products. So, after doing a ton of research I started making soap. I soon realized simple ingredients do not need to be boring. ON the contrary, they can be […]

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Golf Soap

Golf Soap I’m striving to make something for men. I did not put glitter on this one, so it MUST be for men, right? This is made with coconut oil, lard and soybean oil, the bottom is vanilla and coffee. This soap smells like fresh grass. Love it! I will buy this fragrance oil again, […]

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Learned from Soap

Learning From Soap No matter how seemingly insignificant, finding a reason to wake up in the morning is beneficial to myself and everyone around me. Even if its just to unmold my soap from the day before.  That soap cleans more than bodies, hair and clothes. Soap cleans and heals. The process of making soap, […]

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