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1571 World Map Desk Mat - Large (24" x 14")

1571 World Map Desk Mat - Large (24" x 14")

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1571 World Map Desk Mat: Navigate History at Your Desk

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the age of exploration with our meticulously crafted desktop mat featuring Pieter van den Keere - iconic world map from 1571. This exquisite desk accessory transports you to an era when cartography was both an art form and a gateway to the unknown.

🌍 Key Features:

Historical Cartographic Masterpiece:
Adorn your workspace with a piece of history. Pieter van den Keere - 1571 world map is a testament to the artistry and curiosity of the Renaissance era, showcasing the geographical knowledge of the time.

Intricate Details and Artistry:
Van den Keere's map is renowned for its intricate details, decorative elements, and artistic flair. Every contour, coastline, and embellishment is a nod to the craftsmanship of historical mapmaking.

Authentic Reproduction:
Our desk mat faithfully reproduces the details of the original map, allowing you to explore the world as it was perceived in the 16th century. The rich colors and fine lines capture the essence of an age when maps were as much works of art as they were navigational tools.

Desk-Sized Historical Canvas:
Transform your desk into a canvas of exploration. The generously sized desk mat provides a functional and visually stunning surface for your keyboard, mouse, and other desktop essentials.

Educational and Inspirational:
Whether you're a history enthusiast, a cartography buff, or someone who appreciates unique desk decor, this map desk mat serves as both an educational tool and a source of inspiration.

Conversation Starter:
Spark conversations with colleagues and guests by showcasing this distinctive desk mat. Share the stories of the Age of Discovery and the intrigue of historical mapmaking.

Ideal Gift for History Lovers:
Searching for a meaningful gift for a history aficionado? The Pieter van den Keere 1571 World Map Desk Mat is a thoughtful and distinctive choice that adds a touch of historical grandeur to any desk.

Create an inspired workspace with this neoprene desk mat with a non-slip base. Workdays become a bit brighter and more productive when your desk area is well designed and organized.

Material: Neoprene/Non-Slip Rubber Base
Size: 24″ x 14″ x 1/4" thick
Shape: Rectangle
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