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Sorcery Soaps™

Goddess of the Universe Soap

Goddess of the Universe Soap

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Goddess of the Universe! For a few moments feel as if you are Queen of your own Queendom while bathing with these beautiful colors. 

Scent: Afternoon Tea 

This is one of my favorite scents. It is slightly floral, a hint of tea (reminding me to have a cup in the afternoon) and rich and beautiful bottom note. Why don't we have tea more often? 

  • Top Notes: Sweet, Floral hints
  • Middle Notes: Bergamot, Rich Black Tea
  • Bottom: Earl Grey Tea, Tart


Soap Tips for Longer Use

For longer use remove from direct water, to allow the soap to dry between uses.


Real Soap – not detergent! 

* A new scent in the bath
* Delightfully designed soap for doing a daily task

  • Phthalate Free
  • Preservative Free
  • SLS Free
  • Detergent Free


Soap, meant for cleaning skin surface. No claims, except for the by-product of (possible) delight, are made about these soaps.  


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Customer Reviews

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DaLena Harrell
Afternoon Tea scent is so good

Afternoon Tea smells SO good. It's one of my favorites. The scent is hard to explain. It sort of does smell like an herbal tea, which may sound weird, but it's SO good.