Hocus Pocus Lotion 3
Hocus Pocus Lotion 3

Hocus Pocus Lotion 3

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 Sorcery Soap has added a new dimension to our skin care, Hocus Pocus Lotion.

This lotion is medium weight for body, face and hands.

Our recipe is simple, straight forward ingredients that we and you can understand to provide enough slip to glide on smoothly, non-oily, and beneficial to your skin. 

I've never, not once, used lotion for only my face or my hands. I wanted a lotion that was good my family and myself that was of benefit to my entire body. What we do to our face or any body part is what we do to the rest of our bodies. 

This easy screw top enables every bit of this lotion can be use. Nothing will remain in the container, as all lotion is accessible.  

Weight: 2 ounce / 56.5 grams

    Scent: French Bakery

    This scent is surprisingly enjoyable as a body scent. 

    Deceptively simple, yet a nearly impossible aroma to capture so perfectly - flaky, buttery, golden brown croissants fresh from the oven. 

    Hocus Pocus Lotion 

    This lotion is creamy white and all ingredients are easily understood. 


    Spring Ingredients: Water, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Optiphen, Fragrance. 


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