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Round Up Printable

Round Up Printable

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Here are 5 southwestern images with a bonus extra Empty Saddle. 

Included are the following:

Alone On The Range - a lone cowboy in the back country doing his days work. I captured this image after being invited to witness an open range round-up down an unpaved road, ending at a cook house. 

Round Up Cows - these are some of the usual suspects from that day. I was warned. "Look out for the mama's. They can gore faster than you can move." 

Round Up - The casual way the cowboys were watching the cattle was a peek into how these men operate. They let things settle before moving - themselves, their horses or the cows. 

Rodeo Cowboy - this was captured in the back chutes of a rodeo I photographed for days. This quiet moment was indicative of how calm these men were before addressing their mounts, an animal that could take their lives. This man was sitting quietly, and seemed to be gathering his thoughts... Or connecting with his creator. 

Empty Saddle - this was a beautifully worn saddle on a horse who showed well at an agriculture event. It was a local fair and afterward I spotted this horse, head down, resting with the long range behind her. I was so proud to see the girl standing quietly by letting her horse rest. 

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