A Month in Sorcery Soapery

Much happens in one month. Here is a quick peek at some soaps created by the head Soap Witch. If you like these images follow Sorcery Soap on Instagram.  Sea Shells and Sea Goddess Soaps, Walnut Fudge, Santa Soap Cookies, Harvest Moon Fox, Temptation/Apple Jack, Sorcery Soap Samples, and Sorcery Soap Cookies. Free Surprise […]

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Little Bit of Soap Lunacy

Little Bit of Soap Lunacy

I’ve been watching videos made with my free soap dough recipe. These videos have at least one step missing, if not more. Each step is very important. I have made soap dough many different ways and condensed all my experience into the easiest most sure-fire way of making smooth soap dough recipes, books and video […]

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Black Friday Free Shipping

This might be a little bit of lunacy, but Sorcery Soap will be offering FREE SHIPPING from Thanksgiving Day to Friday at midnight for United States. All orders will receive at least one soap cookie (the more soaps ordered, the more cookies are gifted) and one soap sample. Bigger orders (over $50) are always packed […]

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Weekend Sorcery Discount!

Because I want you to have it, if you want it, Sorcery soap, books, soap dough… Starting now until midnight Sunday. All 20% off!  Soaps Books Soap Dough Use “EVERYONE20” at check out.

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November Soap Release

The following are available today! Soap Dough colors: Orange Yellow  Blue Black  White  Gold Red Pink Green Brown   Sorcery Soaps November Release Fairy Baby – Scent: Apple and Clover Funny Ocean – Scent: Energy Novel Soap – Scent Free The Realm – Scent: Haunted Forest, Sorcery Soap Blend Sort of Hats – Scent: Moonstone Friendship Soap – […]

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Love Enough

Let’s say you didn’t have to work, ever. No more cleaning your home, shopping, vacuuming, laundry, taking the trash out, appointments for car repair, getting ready for work, going to work, working, driving home, making dinner, let’s just say… All of it was over. What would your day look like? I know what I would […]

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Witches Dance In Gardens

Dear Lizzie: They say witches dance in gardens. This makes me laugh every time I read this divisive propaganda. We dance any where we want, but in gardens? Please. Well, not any more. It’s not as if we need to be secretive about our identities. That was in the old days before the government realized […]

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November Soap Release Date

So many soaps… Been a bit busy catching up from our move. Many settling-in interruptions and despite all that managed to make a few soaps. Here is the list of soaps to be available on Friday, November 10, 2017. Fairy Baby – Scent: Apple and Clover Funny Ocean – Scent: Energy Novel Soap – Scent: […]

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Temporary Nature

Observation of seemingly obvious tasks can offer insights. I master-batch my soap dough. I use a dedicated crock pot to melt hard oils and butters; 76 degree fahrenheit coconut oil, Shea butter and cocoa butter are semi-hard before melting. In order to combine them with liquid oils this requires changing their temporary nature. I use a […]

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Mixing Soap Dough Colors

On occasion I receive messages asking how to mix soap dough colors. Ideally it is preferable to make the soap dough with the color mixed into the oils before lye-water is added. I use soap stable micas; some from TKB Trading, Nurture Soap Supply and a few other places. Read about more about soap dough […]

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Ambassador of Soap Chaos

There are times while doing anything that doubt creeps in – business might be slow, negative comments come your way or simply, you ask yourself, is this what I should be doing? This doubt has a way into your home. Did you know? It’s true, you may have unwittingly invited this one into your home […]

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A Story

I want to tell you a story. Not outright a soap story, but if you can trust me a bit, know I won’t waste your time, you might see what I saw. As some of you might know, we moved into our Hobbit home with great delight and anticipation of new beginnings. We call it […]

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