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Soap Dough Recipe Book Vol. 1 - eBook

Soap Dough Recipe Book Vol. 1 - eBook

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Basic cold process soap dough making instructions & recipes.

Volume I - 10 Animal Based Cold Process / Soap Dough Recipes

(Volume II - 10 Vegetable Based Recipes )

This book is all the best versions of my own organizational soap recipe book, along with the  very best recipes used for soap dough and soap bars. This book also includes basic cold process soap instruction along with insights and soap dough knowledge. 

  • 10 Animal Based (Lard) Cold Process Soap Dough / Bar recipes 
  • 8 Charts / Organizational Tools
  • Customized Soap Recipe cards
  • Inspired images
  • Add and grow your Soap Recipe library!
*Remember, a unique detail can make your soap recipe special.

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A Soap Recipe EBook of Light and Shadow: Vol. I 

Soap Making and Recipes  - PDF - eBook 

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    “I have had the pleasure of reading Bee's “A Soap Recipe Book of Light & Shadow.”  From the moment of finding it on my doorstep I knew I was holding a piece of magic. It radiates from the cover. You run your hand across it and you understand the love, dedication, passion, and trust she is imparting by sharing this with you. It was at that moment I understood I was her apprentice. That she was giving to me the skill sets I would need to become a soap witch myself. To make my bubble lab capable of creating soap dough she will be proud of (I hope). Because if I fail it shall not be her fault. Not that I think she’d ever let one of us fail. Far more than the usual “cookbook” this is knowledge shared with a lot of room so I can lean heavily on all the recipes, wisdom, and organizational magic she has included while making it my own. And there is in abundance recipes and ways to organize your craft giving your muse time to enchant. Thank you Bee for sharing your passion and your blood, sweat, and tears. For anyone who has followed Bee and her creations and dreamed of one day making your own today is that day.”

     –  Sharon Boyd Chapman – Willa Bella Soaps 



     © Bhakti "Bee" Iyata and Sorcery Soap™, 2016 - 2023. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  © Bhakti "Bee" Iyata and Sorcery Soap™, 2016 - 2023.

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed or transmitted in any form or by any means including photocopying, recording or other electronic or mechanical methods without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations in non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law. All recipes and design instruction in any written material by Sorcery Soap™, Bhakti “Bee” Iyata and Sorcery Products™ is provided without any guarantee of success by the author. The author disclaims any liability in connection with use of the provided information in this book and is not responsible for wasted materials or damages resulting from the use of information in provided information by Sorcery Soap™, Bhakti “Bee” Iyata and Sorcery Products™

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    Customer Reviews

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    Vanessa Rudick

    Soap Dough Recipe Book Vol. 1 - eBook

    Kathy Watson
    Informative & Fun Book

    I ordered this to try & experiment making and using soap dough. I am in the process of buying supplies. I will post my results when I finish on Instagram. If you want to make soap dough, I would say that this is well worth the read.

    Magical yet down to Earth

    I love this book. It’s full of inspiration for beginners , useful tips, and 10 **TEN** different recipes. The value is amazing. The recipes work. Thank you!

    Thank you so much!

    Well-Organized and Fantastic Details

    This is the third soap book I've ever purchased. It's apparent that this book was thoughtfully put together. It radiates the author's personality while offering guidelines, tips, inspiration, and recipes. This was not thrown together to make a quick buck. I am thoroughly impressed with how well put together this book is. Now it's time to try my hand and some sorcery soap. I feel confident at making soap already, but I never realized I had potential to be a real soap witch. Thanks for sharing your magic with us.

    Much Gratitude for you taking the time to write this review.